14 Oct 16

Thank You! A note from Gabby Marcus

There are many wonderful things about being married to Brian but one of the most unique and special advantages is the photography perk!! There’s nothing better than having unlimited access to the talented team at Fred Marcus and I feel so blessed to have the most beautiful and priceless photos of my family. From the beginning of our relationship to the most recent maternity shoot as we await the arrival of our son the photographs that we have taken over the years fill our home and our hearts.

This recent shoot with Anton exceeded my expectations. Feeling like a whale I was hesitant to do this shoot and thought I was going to hate the pictures but I am so in love with every image he captured of Brian and Alexandra and my giant belly. I’m so pleased that I have these memories and will cherish them forever. Thanks Anton! Xoxo

Thanks Anton! Xoxo

UPDATE: Freddy Marcus was born 10/09/16 – baby & mommy are doing great!

Thank You! A note from Gabby Marcus


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