05 Jun 09

A truly amazing cake.

Sylvia Weinstock Cakes does it again. Here’s her latest creation from Andrew and Tatiana’s wedding.


One Response to “A truly amazing cake.”

  1. Fred, I have to tell you that I am genuinely moved by your photography, and this site, for that matter. I have really enjoyed the feelings, fluidity, and musical selections you have captured and provided as I navigated your work.
    I have recently been encouraged by responses to some of my own photography (I have even been asked to serve as a wedding photographer after some of my facebook shots were seen) to study the craft as more than simply a hobby. This has led me to purchasing myriads of magazines and books, attending seminars and courses, and actually checking out on-line sites provided by periodicals about photographers they showcased. ( Your site was recommended in Shutterbug mag. Apr. 2010 pg. 137)
    I can honestly tell you that yours is the only site I have ever commented on. In fact, most of them I would never return to. I have found that both your composition and your mastery of camera and lighting far exceeds the quality of almost every other photographer I have studied. I do not say that lightly (no pun intended). I have found only a few that I would even subscribe to their blogs, and like I said, non that I would comment on.
    What you show is what I aspire to capture. Thank you for giving me some great examples of professional photography.


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