01 Jul 14

Sarah & Marc, Amusement Park Engagement Shoot

Sarah was kind enough to write her and Marc’s proposal story for us!

“Marc messaged me that day at work and told me he wanted to take me to STK (our favorite dinner spot) that night–I thought it was pretty fancy for a random weekday, but I didn’t question it as he is at times spontaneous.  As I was getting ready for dinner, he told me that Sean–Marc’s best friend– was coming over.  We all went to the roof as we usually do because the view is amazing at sunset.  Marc and I stood on the table for the best view (the building where we met was right next to us)–being the photo obsessed person I am, I turned to Sean to ask him to take a picture with my phone, I turned back around and Marc was down on one knee with a gorgeous pear shaped ring, which was a family heirloom from his Grandmother. I could NOT believe it! My initial reaction was that they were playing a joke on me. I simply could not believe it was happening; I was in pure shock.  It was one of the happiest–and most shocking–moments of my life!”


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