12 Aug 13

Sabrina & Lenny: A Lake Como Proposal

Lenny and I met when I was only a Junior in high school and he was finishing his second year of college. Being the confident Brooklyn-born guy he is, I wasn’t too fond of his cool cat flare. We happened to meet again during spring break in Miami and our feelings turned into affection for one another. 



A few months later, going on three months of dating, Lenny and I were at a Manhattan nightclub enjoying lively music and drinks with friends. Feeling brave and smitten with my new man I sauntered over to him and asked, “So can I call you my boyfriend already?” His eyes lit up as he jokingly questioned, “Oh so you’re asking me out?” That night, July 16th became our official anniversary date and through seven years of dating we fell head-over-heels in love and often talked of our futures together.
Last September on our annual European trip, we arrived in Lake Como and after days of enjoying “la dolce vita” Lenny reserved a private boat tour for two around the lake. As I was getting ready for our beautiful evening, he surprised me with a bouquet of stunning multicolored roses. Still having no idea what the evening would lead to, we boarded the boat with my bouquet in hand and enjoyed the sites of the Italian hills and beautiful villas amongst them.

When we got to George Clooney’s villa, Lenny asked the captain to take a video of us waving. He helped me onto the boat bench and as I took in the amazing world around us, Lenny pulled out a navy blue leather box containing a gorgeous custom-made ring and while opening it asked, “My life…will you marry me?”Through tears of joy and total shock I jumped on him and exclaimed, “Yes I will!” The evening was a fairytale and we celebrated with the most memorable dinner at the magnificent Villa d’Este. The happiness, love, and excitement that we felt that night has continued to blossom and we are finally almost at our wedding date! We can’t wait to live out our tremendous love story as husband and wife!




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