24 Jan 14

Rachel & Eric’s Laundry Room Date

Rachel and Eric met for the first time during the “Penn Preview” weekend in April 2005, just months prior to their freshman year at the University of Pennsylvania.  Eric fell in love instantly. They kept in touch through “The Facebook,” while Eric waited impatiently through the seemingly endless summer for their second in-person introduction. In September, it became quite clear that Rachel and Eric had much in common, including their freshman year dormitory and many mutual friends.  They often found themselves together at the New Student Orientation events, off-campus parties and even chose to study in similar sections of the library.  The path to friendship was carved, but Eric still wanted something more. Eric’s hopes became reality 21 days into their first college semester.  Earlier that afternoon, on his way back to his dorm, laundry bag filled with clean clothes, Eric overheard Rachel casually mention to her roommate that she intended to spend the evening doing her own laundry. Eric knew that this was his chance to set the relationship into motion.  Four hours later, he timed his re-entrance into the laundry room to follow Rachel’s arrival by moments—where he proceeded to dump all of his neatly folded clothes into the washing machine for yet another spin. Inseparable since their freshman year laundry room date, Rachel and Eric have long known that their relationship would one day lead to marriage.  And that day is finally approaching: March 8, 2014!


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