13 Feb 15

Meet Rose…

How hard is it to buy something meaningful for the ones you love? Most would say they treasure their family’s photographs. Fred Marcus Studio has partnered with Rose to help you share photos with your loved one. No, this is not a new app, technology, format or gizmo. Rose rolls up her sleeves and helps your family do the following:

1. Map out a step by step plan of how you can complete your photo project and help you with resources to complete the project with as much or little help as you would like.

2. Consolidate, sort and label your printed photographs.

3. Coordinate with different family members to gather the family treasures, duplicate them, identify the people and places, etc.

4. Digitize your photos and videos.

5. Organize digital photos and video libraries and make sure that they are backed up.

6. Create a photo album library that will compliment your Fred Marcus Studio albums.  These books can commemorate a special occasion, trip or a review of the year.

So, give your parents, wife, husband, children and even yourself the gift of an actual album filled with your treasured family photos. Call Fred Marcus today to get a gift card or book an appointment for yourself.

Meet Rose…


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  1. Anders Kjøndal

    This is such a great idea! Too many photographs get lost and left in drawers or on harddrives.


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