24 Jul 13

Mark & Sally: Their Dirty Love Story

After seeing the chemistry between Mark and Sally on their recent engagement shoot, we asked Sally to share their funny, yet romantic, love story:

We started dating in college almost 7 years ago!

The story of our engagement requires a funny background story about my 21st Birthday.  Around 5 years ago, I was a junior in college in Philadelphia and Mark was working as an investment banker in New York.  His hours were brutal; he was working twenty hours a day and hardly getting any sleep. Somehow my 21st Birthday was unfortunately overlooked from inside Mark’s office.

The day after my birthday, my doorbell rang; As I opened the door, I saw a flower deliveryman standing there.  At first, I was thrilled Mark was making up for forgetting my birthday, but I was also confused because the delivery man was holding a clay pot..filled with only dirt.  Yes, Mark sent me a pot of dirt with rose seeds for my birthday. He was so exhausted that he accidentally selected the wrong item on the florist’s website.  Needless to say, our running joke became “how could you buy me DIRT for my birthday?”

Flash forward to October 2012. Mark and I were in Paris and we had just finished lunch at Angelina’s a cafe next to our hotel on the Rue de Rivoli.  It had just started raining, so Mark suggested we quickly go back to our hotel room to grab an umbrella.  I opened the door and my heart skipped a beat as I saw a trail of beautiful white rose petals leading me through the room.  I followed the petals to a table in the middle of the room, and on the table lay a pot of dirt containing a beautiful diamond engagement ring.

What started as an odd and accidental 21st Birthday present, evolved into an amazingly thoughtful proposal.  As a side note: after my 21st Birthday, we planted the rose seeds from the clay pot and it grew into a little rosebush that now blooms every year.  I guess it wasn’t such a bad present after all.  



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