24 Oct 17

Laura & Adam: Beach Point Club – Mamaroneck, NY

“Our wedding day at Beach Point was even more perfect than we ever could have imagined.

I ended up having 3 “first looks”- One was planned with my Dad. He surprised me early on during the wedding planning when he told me he didn’t want to hear about the dress or see it until the day of the wedding. Being able to see his excitement and happiness when he turned around is a memory I will forever have. I think because I also grew up going to Beach Point with my dad and the rest of my family, it was even more special to have a first look there with him. Then there was my first look with Adam; something too hard to describe in words! By the time our first look came, I was so ready to see him and just enjoy our special day together. My third first look ended up being spontaneous, and that’s when I first saw my grandparents. We are especially close and my grandfather will tell anyone he knows that I am still a 3-year-old in his mind and, yet, I am his last grandchild to get married. As soon as we saw each other, we both just started crying and it was truly special.

Another favorite moment for us is when we were able to see many of our friends and family dancing on the dance floor. Music is really important to us, especially Adam, so he looked for a band made up of very talented musicians. We not only loved their song choice, but the talent and energy they brought to every song as well. We were so happy to spend most of the night dancing, surrounded by those we love the most. We can’t wait to see our photos, as we saw our incredible photographers going out of their way to capture every moment of the dance party.

Last, Adam and I were so happy that we ended up having a gorgeous summer-like day for our wedding. At one point during the day, Juan turned to us and said that if it were a beautiful sunset, he would want to take us down by the water to take some photos after the ceremony. While this wasn’t in the original plan, Adam and I agreed, knowing the picture would be totally worth it. We loved how creative & thoughtful our photographers were the whole day; using the spaces around Beach Point as backdrops for beautiful moments that we’ll always treasure.” – Laura & Adam

Photographer: Juan Cespedes, Holly Haffner | Floral Design: Mamaroneck House of Flowers | Bridal Gown: Paloma Bianca @ The Plumed Serpent | Tux: Hugo Boss | Music: Kinky Spigot & the Welder | Hair: Salon Posh


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