19 May 09

Kim & Jon’s Wedding

We love this wedding! Kim and Jon are friends of ours. The weather was perfect, and check out the first spring daffodils at the Pine Hollow Country Club.

“The dress is by Monique Lhuillier. I was never one of those ‘all-about-the-dress’ brides, but this one really really was amazing. The jewelry that I wore that night was from Kwiat. Also, Yossi did my hair and was amazing. He was like my honorary maid of honor, keeping me calm the whole day! Kimara did my makeup and did a beautiful job. And the Pine Hollow Country Club went above and beyond for us… We loved the margarita snow cones and southern comfort food (in honor of the groom).”

“Andy & Judi [Marcus] had the idea to blindfold John… it was a fun twist.”

“John’s dad playing guitar with Harris Lane’s band was one of my favorite parts of the reception! We all got up on stage while he played a set.”

“Iced coffee was a huge hit. It was the perfect thing to keep guests moving at the afterparty.”


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