11 Aug 14

Welcome Guest Blogger: Dorie

At the beginning of June, Joe & Lori introduced their friends and family to their new home in Short Hills, New Jersey. Dorie, one of our photographers, had the pleasure of photographing the event and the house in all of its beauty.

“I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey.  The pinnacle of 1970-80’s interior design included bold patterned metallic wall paper, lots of lucite furniture and the best vinyl flooring that money could buy.  In my house we had vinyl flooring, shagg carpet and hook rugs, but we also had Wassily chairs, butcher block kitchen table and Woodward metal mesh furniture on the patio.I was taught to appreciate great design.

Well, the burbs have changed and Joe & Lori’s new home is clear proof.  I am a big fan of minimalism, in design, in lighting and in photographic composition.  The interior design is truly spectacular.  My mouth was agape as I walked through the house and when I entered the color coordinated walk-in closet I am pretty sure I sighed out loud.

The invitations, the flowers, the table settings, and the food were also well designed by Fancy That. But what was really the most lovely part of the bbq was how the family chose to share their wonderful new home with all their friends, their family and their temple community.   The weather was perfect on this spring afternoon and everyone gathered on the back patio to eat, drink and give thanks. I am sure this house, this patio, and the pool will continue to be filled with wonderful celebrations such as this one.” -Dorie


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