23 Sep 13

Gail & Jason: A Downtown Romance

Jason and I were set up by mutual family friends.  My Mom was at Old Oaks Country Club and casually asked if anyone knew of a nice cute Jewish boy for her daughter.  One of her friends mentioned Jason Paul, and my Mom gave my contact information, which her friend gave to Jason’s Mom.  Jason was away on a skiing trip in France so he didn’t call me until a week later.  The conversation was easy and I could tell how sweet he was.

Our first date was Thursday, March 8th.  He took me to a bar in the East Village and we then grabbed dinner at a Brazilian restaurant in Alphabet City.  After a terrific first date that lasted much longer that either of us anticipated, the night ended with our first kiss!  The next day, he [called/texted]  me and asked if I was busy that day.  I told him I wasn’t because I was so excited to see him again.  He took me for brunch at The Coffee Shop in Union Square and then we took a walk downtown.  As someone who grew up, and still lived, on the Upper East Side, he started to teach me all about downtown NYC (something new to me, and eventually the place Jason and I would call home).  During brunch, he told me that he wanted to meet me and my girlfriends that night as I was celebrating my birthday.  We had such a fun time.  That night, he invited me to his family’s house in Vermont for the weekend.  I immediately said yes.  That’s how we started on our adventure of love!


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