11 Aug 11

Fred’s Everlasting Impression

We received this letter today and were so touched that we wanted to share it with all of you. It underscores Fred’s ability to leave an ever lasting impression. He is not and will not be forgotten by us, who respected and admired him with love. We know that our father and grandfather set the standard for quality photography and everyday we strive to carry on his legacy. We are grateful for all that he did for us and for Fred Marcus Photography

Dear Marcus Family,

I saw a former student of mine the other day and she told me that

your family photography business has blossomed and grown. One of the

highlights of my career was when your grandfather, Fred, came and spoke

to my class in Roslyn. Every year when I teach about WWII and the

Holocaust, I retell his story to all of my students. I just wanted you

to know that his legacy lives on not just within your business, but with

my students and me as well.

Regards to the entire Marcus family (especially Brian and Stefani).


Amy Manzone

Fred Marcus (Circa 1975)

Three Generations: Fred Marcus, Brian Marcus and Andy Marcus (Circa 1991)



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