29 Sep 16

Elizabeth & Ethan: A Weekend in Southampton

We kicked off Elizabeth & Ethan’s wedding weekend with some amazing beach portraits before the rehearsal dinner. It was a cloudy afternoon but the images ended up being super unique and sexy and I was really happy with the way we were able to work with the gloomy light. The next morning the Hampton’s fog was even thicker and when I woke up and saw it creeping up from the ocean I wasn’t sure which way the weather would be going that day! We showed up early at Ethan’s family home in Southampton and we were welcomed in with such warmth. The smell of coffee and bagels filled the air and the excitement was palpable. We started outside with some beautiful beach shots which despite the thick air ended up being some of my favorite from the day. The weather held out and the rest of the day was beautiful and intimate. By the time we got to the synogogue and venue, the photos just kept getting better. Elizabeth looked beautiful and their happiness was contagious. – Brian

Photographer: Brian MarcusAnton Martynov  | Band: Hank Lane  | Wedding Gown: Oscar De La Renta  | Floral Design: Frank Alexander | Make Up : Kimara Anhert


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