28 Oct 13

Couples Corner: Laura and Eric’s Rooftop Engagement

During Laura and Eric’s engagement shoot, sparks were flying (literally)! After seeing the chemistry between them, we knew that their story was one to share. Laura was kind enough to write their heartfelt story below:Eric and I grew up in neighboring towns, our parents were friends and Eric’s dad was their physician. Eric and I also attended the same high school, but because of our 4 year age difference we never really crossed paths.

Until one day, about 2 1/2 years ago, my mom was talking to a friend of hers who mentioned she knew a great young eligible man and was wondering if I would be interested. My mom gave her friend my phone number and just days later I got a call from Eric. The next week we had our first date at Pipa, a tapas restaurant in NYC.  We had a great time getting to know each other over good food and sangria. Two days later he called and we planned our second date, Mini golf in Tribeca. Before we started playing we made a bet: if he won I had to bake him my famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and if I won he had to make me dinner. Being that he is an 8 handicap and an avid golfer, needless to say, HE WON! It must have been the cookies because from that night on we spent many nights and weekends getting to know each other over good food, movies and Broadway shows.

The night we got engaged was a complete surprise! He told me we had dinner reservations at Maialino and when we got there they told us they didn’t have his reservation. He calmly said, “Lets just get a drink on the roof while we wait for our table”.  So we headed up to the roof for a drink, which was a beautiful setting. As we walked around the rooftop at the Gramercy Park Hotel, Eric asked the bartender where to find the Damien Hurst art exhibit.  As we were enjoying our drinks walking around the rooftop, Eric pulls back a curtain opening up to a hidden room filled with rose petals, candles and exposed light bulbs covering the entire ceiling.  In the middle of the room there was a GIANT gift box wrapped in ribbon. Inside the box, was another smaller box with ribbon and another and another, and right before opening the last box, he got down on one knee to propose, taking the ring from the last box.  I said Yes!  When we came out of the room there was a table set for a dinner, just for the two of us right there on the roof with my favorite dessert s’mores to complete the meal.  After dinner, our families joined us on the roof to share in this special occasion.


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