09 Nov 10


“Congratulations Andy Marcus – you are the winner of the Leica Camera Holiday Card Photo Contest and a D-Lux 5 camera! This Flickr contest generated 431 entries. The winning photograph’s red umbrella reminded us of our logo and is fitting to be distributed all around the world on our holiday cards this winter. Thanks to everyone who entered a photo! Join us in congratulating Andy!”

For more on the contest and the winning shot Click Here To read an interview with Andy on Leica’s blog.


2 Responses to “Congratulations!”

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations Andy Marcus! It shouldn’t come as a surprise to us that your image won. You are a master of imagery, light and beauty.


  2. Anonymous

    The image is beautiful. A simple umbrella in the power color red against the snow can convey any feeling, emotion or sense of place you want it to. Truly an image worth winning. Congratulations Mr. Marcus.


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