29 Apr 09

Brian’s Trip to Malawi, South Africa

Malawi, is one of the poorest and most densely populated countries in the world. Fifty three percent of Malawians live below the poverty line, making everyday life a constant struggle. HIV/AIDS has also ravaged the population, leaving over one million children orphaned. When parents die, sisters, cousins and aunts must find a way to care for the children left behind; a burden that is hard to shoulder under such extreme poverty.

In documenting the progress of Goods for Good, an organization that donates surplus good from US companies to benefit children in developing nations, I watched fabric, soap, educational toys, clothing, shoes, and school materials that would otherwise go unused become vital. Through the distribution of basic necessities, Goods for Good supports hundreds of local schools and community centers providing essential care to orphans and their guardians. By providing these necessities, Goods for Good is enabling extended families and communities to care for and raise these children.

This is Melissa Kushner, the Founder of Goods for Good and a bride of ours! She has devoted her life to this cause and is really making a difference in Malawi. She is a role model and has inspired me to devote as much time as possible to helping others. A few more of my photos follow, and check out the personal work section of the website to see some more of my images from Africa. Below is video of a typical village in Malawi. The trip was truly an amazing experience.

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