05 Jan 10

Brian Marcus Photography Exhibit

As some of the readers of this blog probably know by now,a few months ago I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Malawi to photograph the work being done to improve the living and educational conditions of the children in this region. This trip had a tremendously profound effect on me. It is hard to describe in words, but I think the photos I returned with speak for themselves.

Melissa Kushner, the founder of Goods4Good, and I decided the best way to document and share this emotional experience would be through an exhibit of my photographs. So on Monday, February 1st at the Chelsea Art Museum we will be hosting an exhibit and auction of my work. Here is a small preview of the photos that will be on display and for sale

This event is extremely important to me, both personally and professionally. I would love to invite everyone to come out and support an amazing cause. Please spread the word and bring as many friends as you can, it will be a great evening.

You can view the invitation and purchase your tickets by clicking here


2 Responses to “Brian Marcus Photography Exhibit”

  1. Brian, These pictures are amazing. I’m sure that your exhibit will be a big success.
    Linda Trober

  2. I could just write OMG after every post on your blog. what sensitivity! what an eye! I was genuinely impressed by the wedding photos – looking at most wedding photos would make my eyes glaze over but of course you are just a great photographer so of course I loved your images, but then these photos of the children knocked my socks off! So glad I came across your work via Kay Kesterling & Facebook.
    P.S. I have a band in chicago and we play events & weddings, so I’ve seen my fair share of photos from weddings…


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