24 Feb 12

A Beautiful Note From A Very Special Client

It brings us such joy to know when our most special clients are delighted and satisfied. Sheila, we thank you for your lovely note. Your happiness means more to us than you know!


I just looked at the bridal shower photos and again at the sign-in book. Throughout all the trials and tribulations of wedding planning over the past year and questioning myself on so many of the choices I made, one thing has never changed… my 100% right decision to use Fred Marcus Studios. Your work is exquisite, your presentations are magnificent and all the people in the office are amazing. You have made this, so far, very pleasant for me and for that I want to thank you. I know that the wedding will be terrific with Brian and his crew there and I can’t wait to see those photos. Fred Marcus Studios is truly one of a kind — I have never had more pleasant dealings with anyone in any industry.

Please tell Brian how impressed I am with Holly’s talent. She is a fantastic photographer and a delightful person.

Will talk to you before the wedding and Cynthia will confirm the timeline.

Thanks again.

Warmest regards,


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