13 Aug 13

A Special Thank You from Karen and Brian

After Karen and Brian’s fabulous wedding at the Tribeca Rooftop, we were so thrilled to receive this touching thank you note.  The studio wishes Karen and Brian the best for their future together.

Hi Brian,

We just got back from our honeymoon and we’ve been trying to recover from jet lag.  We had an AMAZING trip and while we were there we kept receiving notes and phone calls to tell us what a GREAT party we had.  We wanted to THANK YOU for the INCREDIBLE job your team did!  We were thrilled with the entire event and we especially appreciated the professional manner with which Felix and his team conducted themselves.  It was very HOT on the day of and everyone was sweating and uncomfortable, it couldn’t have been easy for your team to do their job; however, they worked hard from the minute they arrived until the minute that they left.  We were in a very tough situation a month before our wedding and with all going on in our lives, we needed a change in our luck.  From the moment I contacted you, I knew I had made a good choice.  You were kind and understanding and that was just what I needed so THANK YOU!  I’ve always heard people talk about the vendors that they’ve dealt with before and after their weddings and everyone has a story.  I only have positive praise for the people in which you work with, it was a pleasure dealing with each and everyone of them.  Peggy was also FABULOUS! She contacted me to make sure that everything was set and organized from the very first day.  We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for our wedding and yet, Peggy contacted me daily to make sure we were ready.  She even called me a few days prior to the wedding just to see if I had any additional questions and to wish me the best of luck in the future!  Wow, I couldn’t have asked for a more THOROUGH and hands-on experience.  Hiring your team was one of the the BEST decisions we made!!! You are a friend who I’ve known for a very long time, but I thank you and your team for the professionalism you showed every step of the way!
We appreciate the SPECTACULAR job you did and we look forward to seeing the pictures.  Thanks a million!!!

Karen and Brian



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