Everlasting Love

Fifty-Eight years ago our founder, Fred Marcus, photographed this beautiful couple on their wedding day. Last week, we had the pleasure of doing an anniversary sitting with them along with their wedding album that we designed, which is still in pristine condition. At the end of the day, the ability to cherish your fond memories after so many years, in this particular case an album filled with photographs and everlasting love, is what really matters! Happy anniversary! We wish you many more years to come!

A Tricky Proposal!

Two weeks ago Anna and Gedaliah came into our studio for their engagement shoot. When we met them, we just knew that this bubbly couple had to have a great love story. They were kind enough to share their proposal story with us, which all began in Madison Square Park. Anna and Gedaliah were on their way to get coffee when they ran into a street performer.  Little did Anna know that Gedeliah had arranged for this magician to be here and perform a special trick. Gedaliah dropped to one knee, his hand on fire, revealing the ring.