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The sort of thing that makes it all worth while…

We recently received a note from one of our customers that touched us in a way that we simply had to share it here on our blog:

For many years I had heard and read about The Fred Marcus Studios. While I knew of their long-standing reputation for excellence, I feared both their ‘New York’ pricing and potential ‘New York’ attitude.
Now I can report from our extensive first-hand experience, their reputation for professional excellence is thoroughly and completely justified. I can also state, unequivocally, that my pricing and demeanor concerns were totally unwarranted. They have been a pleasure to deal with at every level, every time.
Having now used their Studio’s services rather extensively for personal and corporate events during the last two years, I can also whole heartedly attest to the outstanding quality of their resulting product; albums, portraits, stills, candid and posed, and video material. More importantly, their people, right from the top, Andy Marcus, and his son, Brian, now the third generation, to Peggy in Event Coordination, to Felix, Will and Mike in Photographic/Video Production through to Holly in Composition, have all been warm, caring professionals, making the process easy and pleasant.
With “loads” of previous photographic experiences to compare them to, my family, and my staff, like me, have found The Fred Marcus organization to be among the best in their field.

Eric S. Francis
Office of the Chairman

Thank you for all your kind words and your business, and our best wishes to Melissa and David.